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Henry Green Letter Book Introduction



The letter book of Henry Green is now held at Hayle Mill Archive along with an Abstract of Indenture of Mortgage dated 1856, the Release to Henry Green of the Will of Samuel Jones, and the Probate of Mr John Green dated 1854 as these manuscripts relate to the Green family of Hayle Mill in Kent.


Samuel Jones died in 1808 and John Green, (Henry’s father),  his brother Samuel Green, and cousin Sam Jones were the executors. Samuel Jones left £1000 to be invested in 3% consols - interest from which was to go to John Green, his elder brother Samuel and younger brother William and thereafter to their children and children's children.  There was also land and property in Thurnham but only William had an interest at this date. Samuel and John did not inherit an interest in the Mount Pleasant estate until after the death of their cousin Sam. Jones 1836.


When John Green died in 1854 he was the only surviving executor of the 1808 Will.

As a result his eldest son,  Henry, as his executor, became responsible for sorting out the legacy. Prior to John’s death, William Green and his daughter Mrs Kent, had used their share as a mortgage for William Green jnr (under the terms of the Will this should not have been allowed but obviously John Green Snr.was not made aware of it).  They then got into trouble over repaying the bank and wanted to sell the stock. After taking legal advice Henry had to write informing them this was not possible  until permission was granted from all the other beneficiaries.(children's children etc.).


In addition to the many letters he had to write to settle the matter over several  years , I have also included some extracts from letters that Henry wrote to his son John Phillip Green to ask advice on certain legal points    The letters went on well into the 1860s and the last re the land was in 1872.


At the end of the typescript of the letters there is a copy of Samuel Jones Will and the Release to Revd. Henry Green allowing him as the executor of the Will of his father to legally administer the money left by Samuel Jones in 1808. He was however not liable to deal with any of the land holdings.   This last document provides much family history information regarding the family of  William Green's family.



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