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When researching the Reilly family of Westhorpe Hall in the early 90s some deeds were found in the Chancery Rolls in London [probably now at the National Archive at Kew].  A list of Deeds that had been deposited at Ipswich Record Office referring to the Reilly family ownership, but the deeds had ben withdrawn by the then owners of Westhorpe Farm.

Sometime later the owner very kindly made these available for my father and I to view them.   In those days before digital cameras all the notes had to be made by hand and we only managed to take a very limited number of photographs.  What we found is listed below.




Ipswich ref: HA 207: 1220/50

Deed to make a tenant to the praecipe, between John Reilly of the parish of St. George, Hanover  Square, Middlesex, but late of Robinstown, Meath, Ireland, esq., and Maria  Rebecca,  his wife and others, of the manor of Westhorpe, of  the  advowson of the Church of Westhorpe, of Westhorpe Hall  and  Westhorpe  Lodge, Westhorpe, and of one moiety of the  advowson  of  the church of Coneyweston otherwise Conweston.  8 April 1761. Enrolled in Chancery 6 May 1761.


Précis   from Roll  C54 6082  pp 17 & 18 (at Chancery Lane)

Westhorpe Hall was in the occupation of Edward  Grimwood  and late of Robert Grimwood at a yearly rent of £130.  Westhorpe Lodge occupied by William Chapman and now  or  late of Ann Grimwood yearly rent of £162. Between John Reilly of the Parish of  Saint  George,  Hanover Square but late of Robinstown & Maria Rebecca his wife (late Maria Rebecca Dillon) of the first part, Daniel  Fox  of  the Chantry Office London  gentleman,  of  the  second  part  and   George Jones of Lincoln's Inn in the County of Middx  Gent.of  the third part.

Signed in the presence  of  ?Jeuney?  Braham   of  Ash  Park, Suffolk.  Allington Hodges Clerk to Mr.Tours,  Lincoln's  Inn  Fields. [C54 6082  ends page 36]


C54 6082(at Chancery Lane)

Boldero & Reilly   l  May  1761   Between  Robert Boldero  of  Ixworth in  Suffolk Gentleman only brother and heir of George Boldero late of the same place Gentleman of  one  part,  John Reilly of the Parish of St. Georges Hanover Square  Middx  and late of Robinstown in the County of Meath Ireland Esquire and Maria Rebecca his wife (late Maria Rebecca Dillon  widow)  by articled agreement tripartitie bearing  date  12  April  1750  made between Richard Dillon of Dillons Grove in the County of

Roscommon & Kingdom of Ireland  Esquire  (now  dead)  of  the first part the said Maria Rebecca Reilly (by her then name of and addition of Maria Rebecca Taylor of Saint Edmunds Bury in Suffolk spinster) of the second part and  Jeffery  French  of Argyle Buildings in the County of Middx  esquire  also  suite dated and the said George Boldero of the third part reciting a marriage then intended to be (and  which  soon  afterwards) had and solemenized between the said Richard Dillon  and  the said Maria Rebecca Taylor was intitled into one moeity of the Manor  of  Westhorpe,  Barningham  &  Coney  Weston  and  the  moiety of the advowsons of the Church of Westhorpe & Coney Weston and the moiety of divers messuage lands and  tenements within the said manor and  in  Walsham  in  the  Willows  all  situate in the County of Suffolk aforesaid (expectant on  the death of Arabella Prettyman her  mother).  It  was  therefore agreed that the said premises should be sold  and  that  with  the money arising from  the  sale  other  estate  or  estates should be purchased either in England or Ireland and that the said Maria Rebecca should from such purchased estate have and receive a yearly sum of £21 English money by way of pin money from the death of the  said  Arabella  Prettyman  during  her coveture and also the yearly sum of £l80 as money  is  valued in Great Britain free of all taxes for and during her natural life to be paid to her by quarterly  payment  in  the  Middle Temple Hall from the death of her then intended  husband  and of the said Arabella her mother in case  she  should  survive them and as to the estate to be purchased  as  aforesaid  the same should (subject to the said annuity of £21 by way of pin money and also to the said annuity of £180 to the said  Maria Rebecca from death of the said Richard  Dillon  and  Arabella Pretyman) be conveyed and assured to the use of  him  Richard Dillon for his life remainder to such son or sons of the said  intended marriage and for such estate and estates as the said Richard Dillon should by his last Will & Testament or by any Deed of writing attested by three or more credible  witnesses limit or appoint and for want of such limitation  or  appoint  to the use of the first second  and every other  son  of  the intended marriage ...............And that the said Richard Dillon  should have full  power  to charge the said estate so to be purchased with a sum not exceeding £2000 for the  benefit  of  the younger children of the said marriage in sure manner................

and that the said Maria Rebecca should survive him she should in such case have full power to charge the  said  estate  for  the benefit of her children  by the said Richard Dillon..............should they during their joint lives be minded absolutely to sell or mortgage the estate so to be purchased  or  any  part thereof they should have full power to do so.  And whereas by indenture quadripartite bearing date the 12 December 1752  by addition  of Richard Dillon  of  Langham  in  Suffolk  between Richard Dillon and  his wife of the first part Jeffery French and George Boldero second part John French of  Middle  Temple  London Gent third part and  Josiah  Richardson  of  the  same place Gent .......reciting that the  said  Richard  Dillon  & Maria Rebecca his wife had  in  the  Hilary  Term  last  past  levyed a fine of the said premises unto John  French  by  the name and description of a moiety of the Manor of Saint  Clear Netherhall & Coney Weston and also a moiety of ten  messuages one dovehouse ten gardens  one  hundred  acres  of  land  one hundred acres of meadow one  hundred  acres  of  pasture  one hundred acres of wood  50  acres  of  firs  and  heath  common pasture for all manor of cattle Court Leet Court  Baron  view of  Frankpledge and what  to  view  of  Frankpledge  belongeth perquisited and profits of court............................ moiety of the rectory of Coney Weston And also that the  said Richard Dillon and Maria Rebecca had in or as  at  Michaelmas suffered a Romon Recovery of the said premises into the  said  John French It was declared and agreed by all the said parties that the said fine and common recovery so  levyed  and suffered...................And whereas the said Richard Dillon has since  departed  this life without having any  issue  by  the  said  Maria  Rebecca whereupon the said Maria Rebecca  became  intitled  unto  the intire and absolute estate and interest in the possession  of  an in the manor messuage  lands  tenements  and  heriditments purchased by and with moneys arising by sale of the moiety or half part of the said manor so agreed to be sold and the land in which it was invested she the late Maria Rebecca (who hath since intermarried  with the said John Reilly) hath applied  into  and  requested  the said Roger  Boldero  selling  the  moiety  of  the  Manor  of St.Clere  Netherhall Coney  Weston 

ends page 36 C54 6082


HA 207 l220/72

Assignment of a charge for the residue  of  a  term of 500 years, being security  for  the  portion  due  to Maria Rebecca Donaldson, wife of Richard Donaldson, esq., and

daughter of John Reilly of Bury St.Edmunds under a lease  and release dated respectively 7 & 8 June 1761 and under  a  deed dated 7 July 1800, by Sarah Sparke of Bury St.Edmunds, widow, and by the executors of the Will  of  Ezekiel  Sparke  of Bury St.Edmunds, decd., to William Bassett of Brandon, clerk, upon one moiety of and in the manor of Westhorpe and of an in  Westhorpe Hall, Westhorpe.


From the original document  5 April 1800

Maria Reecca Reilly of Bury St.Edmunds  aforesaid  widow  and  relict of John Reilly late of the said town esquire deceased. Richard Donaldson Esquire and Maria  Rebecca  his  wife  late Maria Rebecca Reilly spinster the only daughter  and  one  of        the two surviving younger children of the  said  John  Reilly and Maria Rebecca his wife of the third part........         ......leaving the said Maria Rebecca  Reilly  his  widow  and issue by her John Taylor Reilly his eldest  and  two  younger children namely Thomas Reilly  and  the  said  Maria  Rebecca Donaldson who had sometime since attained her age of 21 years  and the said Maria Rebecca Reilly has proposed and agreed  to appoint a moiety of the said sum  of £3000 provided  for  the portions of her younger children unto the said Maria  Rebecca her daughter as her  share  thereof  and  also  reciting that George Chinery and Ezekial Sparke had advanced  and  lent  to the said Richard Donaldson and Maria  Rebecca  his  wife  for their occasion £1500 and for seeing the payment thereof with interest it had been proposed and agreed that a moiety of the said etc etc.. ....of  Westhorpe  shall  being  part  of  the  premises the said term of 500 years should be assigned to the said George Chinery and Ezekial Sparke by way of mortgage.         .....portion or share of the said Maria Rebecca Donaldson the  said sum of £300 directed to be raised for  younger  children  raised in the event of their being only two and  for  and  in consideration for the natural love and affection of the  said Maria Rebecca Reilly to Maria Rebecca Donaldson her  daughter for her preferment in the world etc etc..........    And whereas the said Maria Rebecca Reilly is long since  dead and so also is the said John Taylor Reilly her eldest son  by the said John Reilly her late husband  without  issue whereby and by virtue of  the  herinbefore  mentioned  indenture  of lease and release and settlement the seventh and eight day of 1761 Thomas Reilly esquire the second son of  the  said  John Reilly and Maria Rebecca his wife is become entitled  to  the   freehold and inheritance of the said moiety of the said manor 7 July 1800.


HA 207  l220/55 (with Eric Barker)

Counterpart of lease for sixteen years at an annual rent of £400 and a further  annual  rent  of  £10  for every acre of meadow or pasture converted  into  tillage  and  for every arable acre cropped contrary to covenant, by Thomas  Reilly of Bury St.Edmunds, esq., to Samuel  Gowing  of  Eye,  farmer, John Gowing of Culford, farmer, and Thomas Rodwell of Little Saxham, farmer, of Westhorpe Lodge Farm, Westhorpe.

On the rear of the original document

I  Thomas Reilly the younger Esq being  entitled  to  the  Fee simple  and  inheritance  of  the  within  demised  farm  and premises in remainder immediately expectant on the decease of my father the within named Thomas Reilly do hereby ratify and  confirm the within lease in all apsects

Signed  Thomas Reilly Junior     29 June 1822            Witness: Chas.Ellis


On the same original document  Memorandum 21st April 1819


It is this day agreed between the Lesee and  Lessees  parties to the within written Indenture that  the  Lessees  may  have liberty forthwith to break up and  put  in  tilth  the  close called the seven acres with the pightle called Calves Pightle  now added to it and made one  close  containing  together  by admeasurement thirteen  acres  two  rods  and  eight  perches  parcel of the within demised pasture grounds and to  use  the same as arable land until the Spring of the  thirteenth  year of the within mentioned term upon condition that the  Lessees shall after the said close has been put in tilth as aforesaid use and cultivate the same in the like manner and  course  of  husbandry as the  arable  lands  within  demised   And  shall likewise in the Spring of the thirteenth year of  the  within mentioned term sow and lay down the said  close  or  piece  of  ground with a proper quantity of clean and good Hay seed  and dutch  clover  seed  after  a  clean  summer  tilth   in   and husband like manner and  during  the  then  remainder  of  the within mentioned term keep and use the said close as pasture, ground - witness their hands.      signed  Thomas Reilly   John Gowing  Thos.Rodwell



Copy of Release of Westhorpe Hall  in the Manorial Records



HA 207 l220/l4

Lease and release by  Thomas  Reilly  the  elder  and  Thomas Reilly the younger, both late  of  Bury  St.Edmunds  but  now residing at Paris, France,  their  trustees  and  by  William Churchill as mortgagee to Sir Miles Nightingale of Brome Hall, of the manor of Westhorpe otherwise  Westhorpe  Hall  and  of Westhorpe Hall farm, Westhorpe Lodge farm and land  known  as  Overhill and Parkers Closes, Westhorpe dated 15 and  16  July 1824.

This lease ran to 14 pages ending with a schedule giving  the land details a précis   of which is  below.   The  estate  was sold for £22,500 of which I think £10,000 was mortgaged.

Annotated on the back

We acknowledge that the within named Sir Miles Nightingale hath paid to the within named James Lockhart and Charles Ellis at our instance and request and by our direction and appointment the within mentioned sum of twenty two thousand and five hundred pounds and that the said James Lockhart and Charles Ellis have paid the several sums of ten thousand and five hundred pounds, seven hundred pounds and one thousand the three hundred pounds and have retained the sum of ten thousand pounds residue of the said sum of twenty two thousand and five hundred pounds in such manner as is explained in the within written indenture.

On the bottom left  witness to the signing hereof by the within named Thomas Reilly the elder  W.Hamilton and Chas.Sutton

On the other side: the signatures of Thomas Reilly senior and Thomas Reilly junior


Hall Farm in the occupation of Mr.Thomas Rainbird made up of 28 parcels amounted to 245 acres, 3 rods and 4 perches.

Lodge Farm in the occupation of Mr.Thomas Rodwell 302  acres, 2 rods 36 perches.

Overhill and Parkers Closes  in  the  occupation  of  Mr.John Strange 81 acres,2 rods 34 perches.

Release in Fee of the Manor of Westhopre and divers  farms in Westhorpe in the County of Suffolk.

Thomas Reilly the elder esq. and Thomas Reilly the younger esq  and their Trustees and Mortgagee to Sir Miles Nightingale.


C54 6083  8 June 1861 p.19-28   up to page 23 (at Chancery Lane)

John Reilly and Maria Rebecca his  wife  John  Stephenson  of  Brentford Middlesex and Daniel  Fox  of  the  Chantry  Office Sheppard Frere of Barton Suffolk esq Pell Heigham of Bury.    After their deaths to the use of John Taylor  Reilly  (eldest son          living of the said Maria Rebecca Reilly by the said  John Reilly begotton)and after his decease to the use of his sons        ........ ... then to the use  of  Thomas  Reilly  second  and  youngest son now living ...


John Taylor Reilly Middx Feb 1812 prob 6/188 f.309 sub £l00

John Taylor Reilly on the seventh day  admon.  of  the  goods chattels and credits  of  John  Taylor  Reilly  formerley  of  Westhorpe and Bury St. Edmunds in the County of  Suffolk  but late of Islington in the County of  Middlesex  bachelor  decd   was granted to Thomas Reilly esquire the natural  and  lawful  brother and one of the next of kin of the  decd  having  been first sworn by common duty to admon.


      Suffolk Deeds
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