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Today with modern technology, communication all over the world is common place, and it is easy to forget that in the nineteenth century the only form of contact was either by word of mouth or writing letters. Postal services then, were in many ways, more reliable than today, people would write a letter which in many cases would be delivered later the same day. However paper, writing materials and postage costs were expensive and unaffordable for large sections of the population. Sadly emails of today are unlikely to be preserved for future generations.

The Green families of Kent and Cheshire, are related to my husband and were prolific letter writers. To our advantage much of the correspondence was retained through the generations.

Over the past few years I have transcribed much of the collection which I hope will be of interest to other researchers.

The letters from the Kent branch of the family are reproduced by kind permission and copyright Simon Barcham Green and those from the Knutsford in Cheshire branch are copyright Jean Jamison.

In 2008 John Rylands Library purchased the Jamison collection and the letters are reproduced by courtesy of the University Librarian and Director, The John Rylands University Library, The University of Manchester.

Green's of Cheshire Letters

Green's of Kent Letters

Copyright Sarah Tanner 2008