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Livery Company Records Consulted



MS 8206 Vols 2,3,4 Freedom Admissions.   MS8208 Vl 4 1804-1816Quarterage Book: MS8207 Apprenticeship Bindings:  Bindings Book 1694-1836 from Jan 1819 could see no apprentices for Robert Peppin



MS 5267 Vol.5 Apprenticeship  Bindings William Cartledge Nothing:  MS5267 Vo.l5 Court Minute Book was marked returned to Company



Wardens Accounts include names etc of apprentices and freedoms



MS4913 Orphan Duty Book just lists names ie Fred ap to William:  MS4915 No2 Freedoms 1742-1797 Much the same information but gives father’s name: MS 4918 early  MS4926 Vol.3 Quarterage Book 1786-1807 Only names listed with years quarterage paid  1 Nov 1790 Francis Lucas 12 June 1791 James Piercey ap to Thos.Day the Younger  Court Minute Books not investigated



Apprentice Book 1765-1892: Freemans Book 1767-1856



Inhabitants Records MS 1267  :  Apprentices Inrollement Records Index :  Meek Nixon Nangle Middlecot Shea not shown



MS 2712 Freedom Admissions: MS3959 Quarterage Books  MS 3960 Freedom Admissions MS3939 Ap.lists Shipway not listed. Quarterage 1811-1817 no names: Alphabetical list 1631:  Freemans List after 1750 showed trade but no silversmiths as shown in Grimwade. MS11.568 List of Freeman 1631-1811 lists names with some information. Ap.register 1631-1931 names app. And masters.  Salt re Burwash  nothing shown



Freemans register 1806-1830



MS 5635 Vol.1 Livery list from late 1680s to c1784 gives names & addresses but no trade . Coopers Mark Book MS5631 Col.1 no good.  Court Minutes only show name of ap & master no trade. MS 5629 App.bindings show names and duty payable. No Avery, Ann Smith or Manners shown.



MS 2460 Freedom Admissions:  MS7357 App.Bindings: nothing found



MS 997A Freeman List Thomas Lydington Head no listed: MS3111 Voll.3 Court Minutes 1808-23 Head very little information. Livery lists and Quarterage Head just listed no trade shown



Livery list 1764-1808 shows name & trade but only for the middle years: Court Minute Book 4 badly burned: App.binding 1718-1826 done fairly thoroughly. Freedom Book 1613-1790 no trades listed Court Minutes useful: App bindings 1718-1826, 1790-1804, 1804-1863 were checked and nothing found



Ms 11,791 Members list 1772-1942 just names: Court Minutes: App.Records just names listed : my note was could find nothing specific



Records became available Dec 84 checked MS21,119 and MS21,117 No 1 & 2 but could see nothing relevant



Assay Office Minutes 16 Dec 1784 Several silverspoon makers attended with a memorial addressed to this Committee but the subject matter contained therein being within the particular official cognizana of the Wardens they were desired by the committee to withdraw their memorial and to make application to the Court of Wardens.  Shown in Court Book 1777-1784 Tuesday 25 Jan 1785. Their memorial was re duty on unfinished articles.



MS2918 Miscellaneous Papers nothing relevant: Minute Books showed address when free trade but nothing for master until last page 1804 when they stop. Freedom registers just list names and most seemed free by Redemption: MS2912 Lists members by streets. Orphans Duty Book 1694-1794 Masters & app.names after about 1720: Alphabetical list of Glovers 1779 (who appear linked to goldsmith’s trade)

Bird Jacob Cornhill, Silversmith:   Branston Thomas Cornhill Silversmith: Chatterton Wm White Cross Street bucklemaker (dead): DeVere Frederick Angle Court Jeweller: Dale Roger Baynes Row, Cold Bath Fields, watchmaker: Evans George Fore Street silversmith: Evans Wm 23 Aldgate High St, jeweller: Glanville Rich.Strand jeweller: Kentish John jeweller(dead): Latham Thomas opp.Pyd & Ball Islington bucklemaker: Patrick Thomas King St watch engraver: Pownall Thos James St Engraver: Slade George Strand refiner: Tuke James Seven Dials: Townsend Wm Fleet St Goldsmith: Turner Richard 18 Cornhill Jeweller.

Liver List late 18 century: Simeon Coley Jewell 35 Fetter Lane: Thomas Branston Jeweller 39 Cornhill, Jacob Bird silversmith 39 Cornhill, Wm.Lukin jeweller 97 Cornhill (gone away): Richard Turner jeweller 18 Cornhill, Richard Glanville Jeweller opp.St.Clements Church No 203: George Evans Fleet St silversmith: Roger Dale watchmaker Cold Bath Fields.

Register of Apprentices 1694-1794 only lists names until 1726 then masters as well.



Court Minutes did not appear to mention App,or Freedoms. MS11,598 Freedom & trades of masters and freemen – did Vol.21815-32 no silversmiths found. App.lists MS11,597, 1754-1767 No goldsmiths listed in Grimwade.  Freedom admissions MS11596 1694-1852 only lists names

Gold & Silver Wire Drawers


MS 2455, 2456, 2457 App.and livery lists 1780-1841 could see nothing listed



Freeman Registers are indexed and I found no trace of anyone in particular: John Harris son of John of the parish of Barking, Essex sail draper ap. To Samuel Spencer sail draper Sept 1797 did not appear free:  4/5/1830 Charles Mansfield son of James of No.20 John Street, Bedford Row, plumber.  William Potter 3/2/1769 son of Stephen Potter with Mr Potter of Jewin Street, Nr Cripplegate, Cabinet Maker:



MS6652 Vol.4 1813-42 Freedom admissions just listed William Moore. MS 6651 Vol1 Freedom Admissions: MS6652 Innholders Stamp Duty Book  MS 6648 Vol6 Court Meetings. Freedom admissions just names: MS6652 Vol.4 name and masters name checked right through none of Richard Turner’s app.appeared Free. Checked Court Minutes up to 1830 last one shown was William Moore Oct 1817



MS20,589 Livery List joiners from 1416 names and dates when on livery

Long Bow Stringmakers


Removed from a bank vault and deposited Guildhall Hall Library Dec 1984. 



MS 15,835 Court Minutes 1722-1731, 1759-1794,1794-1811.  checked for Edward Betts nothing found

Makers of Playing Cards


Freedom records Charles Mansfield just listed.   I could find nothing in the records to indicate that he was a silversmith. He did not appear to have any apprentices




Apprentice Books do not commence until 1766. Prior to that once a year apprentice and masters names are listed in the Court Minutes.  There were no addresses until after 1766. Livery lists until c1784 then gap to 1801 till 1890s

Merchant Taylors


Their records are microfilmed.  LI checked Ap book Vol.20 1762-1819  Vo.21 1819-1933.  There is an index of members microfilm 324. Presentment Books 1698-1843 lists names and master at top and freedoms at bottom and shows name and trade.  Found William Turner(Taylor)John Wintle(Taylor, John Harris (Taylor)John Day(Mason)James Thomas (lighterman)William Seaman(seedsman) William Barber(Taylor) Found John and James Jago



MS3098 1743-1831 Freemans list MS3097 1740-64 Freeman List: 3087 Court Minutes 1772-80 Jonas Osborne too late: MS3093 Quarterage Book: MS3095 App.bindings:



MS2818 Vol 1 & 2 Freedom Admissions: MS2819 App.Bindings: Court Minutes: Found the following who were not silversmiths: 27/9/1808 Wm.Moore, 30/10/1809 Ben Webster, 29/10/1810 Henry Mansfield, 1/6/1812 Thos.Turner, 4/5/1814 John Payne, 12/4/1814 Richard Meek.:



Court Minutes have no details of members trade



Court Minutes and Freedom Admissions  nothing about Ben Beaddle



Freedom Admissions 1734-1822:  App.Bindigns.  Livery List just names: Court Minutes Vol.10,13,14,15,16. There was no mention of William Southey however checked all other Blake and Rutland MS7101l,7097,7100



Freedom Admissions 1763-1874 Whiting just listed: MS 6128 Livery List, Whiting at correct address: Members list 1763-1874  MS6122 Vol.4 & 5 Court Minutes returned to Company.  Members Lists 1790-1860 : Minute Books from 1794   1847-1889 done up to Jan 1869.  No addresses shown. 



MS 8721 Vol.2 Members List – lists in box. MS 8720 Wardens Accounts Irvine shown until 1842 then not 1850. There appear to be no apprenticeship records.



I think these records are held by the Company

Spectacle Makers


MS6031 Vol 3,4,5,6 Apprenticeship Bindings Ms5213 Vol.4 Court Minutes  Redemption Lists

Many gained freedom by redemption from all trades very few opticians

List of Freeman 1805-24 1808 Wm Moore Victualler, 1809 Ben Webster Porter, 1810 Henry Mansfield Porter

1814 Richard Meek victualler



Records with the Company [Robin Myers] I found very little evidence of any silversmiths



Minute Books gave no information of app or freedom.  Freedom Admissions only go up to 1773




Due to Paul Storr these records were looked at indepth. App Bindings: Assistants Lists: Court Minutes: Freedom Admissions: MS15,208 just roll of names  Livery List : Court Minutes MS15,201 Vol.16 & 17 1809-1845 1815-1824: Quarterage books gave address of men and occupation. Looked up Freedom registers until 1875

Freemans Signature Book 1818-1856 signature address and trade



Only records for the period are the Court Minute Books  MS 3847/2 1791-1839 Checked up to 1800

Must check city for Thomas Turner Senior April 1752


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